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The first ArcWorlde: Second Edition Miniatures ready for casting!

Ho there, Arc Fans!

I hope you've all had a wonderfully lovely Bank Holiday weekend! Whilst many have been gallivanting out in the sun, I've been hard at work on the next miniatures to be released...

Forest Troll -

The entire Forest Troll model is finished! I haven't got any blu-tac to stick it all together with, but here's a sneaky peek of some of the components...

The Line Up -

The line up of the rest of the miniatures. You've seen the Wild Elf Ascendant and the Bayourk Witchdokta before, but the other three are for the mighty Albionnican Empire! Pictures will follow when they are all cast up...

So, what do you think? What have you guys been up to this weekend?


- Alex