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ArcWorlde Accessories Pack

"Arcanite is the main source for all magical power, also known as ArcEnergy, in ArcWorlde.  It acts as a natural conduit for the ArcEnergy, storing it and unleashing it at the whim of the user, if they know how to control it. Raw Arcanite is usually a translucent crystal with a distinctive blue/green glow, which gets brighter if engorged with power.

In games of ArcWorlde some models may have access to Arcanite Tokens. These can be used by Generals to try and swing fate their way during the game, using the magical power stored within them."

Look snazzy on the battlefield with these official ArcWorlde accessories! Made from finest Arcanite, these babies are sure to grant you that little extra magical luck.

This pack contains five ArcWorlde dice and 10 Arcanite Tokens for use in your games of ArcWorlde, cast in translucent resin.