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ArcWorlde: Troubles in the North Rulebook

ArcWorlde is freezing in a sorcerous winter. Warbands, monsters and heroes clash in ArcWorlde: Troubles in the North - the first expansion of the 32mm tabletop fantasy skirmish wargame from Warploque Miniatures.   

Introducing three new Factions, new models to add to your existing ArcWorlde warbands, fearsome monsters from the frozen North and new characters and heroes to join your forces, ArcWorlde: Troubles in the North has something for both existing players, and those new to the game.

With almost 150 pages of art and lore to immerse yourself in, as well as characterful hand-sculpted miniatures to awaken your imagination, bring the frozen lands of Njorsvald to life on your table top.
  • Details

    This paperback book is an expansion of the core ArcWorlde game. For full rules, visit www.warploqueminiatures.com/arcworlde.