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“The Hedgewitches are Beastfolk who are particularly attuned to the whims of nature.
Playing matriarchal roles within the clan, their knowledge of herbs and natural
medicines are second to none. In the frontier towns and wilder places of ArcWorlde even
some humans seek out the Hedgewitches for their expertise, which they are happy to
share for the right amount of coin.

In times of war the Hedgewitches accompany the clan, keeping their beloved ruffians
safe. Their wild magic can turn the tide of a scrap, and they will use all the power at their
disposal to help them on their raids.”


This pack contains:


  • 1 x Beastfolk Hedgewitch


Beastfolk Hedgewitch

  • These miniatures, cast in either white metal or fine resin, are provided unpainted and unasembled. Plastic bases are included.

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