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First Edition: Jungle Gremlins of Chaq-Itza Starter Warband

"Past the Bayourk tribes of the Cayjon Swamplands, in the sweltering jungles of Chaq-Itza, lurk the Jungle Gremlins. Cunning and ferocious, they dwell in vast tribes, using superior numbers when hunting to bring down even the mightiest of creatures. Jungle Gremlins will eat just about anything, and wear the skulls and hides of their prey with pride. These heathen devils have been sighted further and further north, working their way through the Cayjon and infesting the southern reaches of the Mildaark forest..."

This pack contains -

1x Jungle Gremlin Big Chief
1x Jungle Gremlins (5)
1x Jungle Gremlin Stalkers (5)
  • Details

    These miniatures, cast in white metal, are provided unpainted and unassembled. Bases included.