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Papa Nole and Pepe (2017)

As well as Father Griffmas, some on ArcWorlde tell tales of another being who walks the lands on the night of the 25th - Papa Nole.

It is said that Papa Nole , a Bayourk clad in festive reds, visits those boys and girls who have not been as nice as they could have been over the year, with his bedraggled Boglin helper Pepe in tow. The gifts he leaves at the foot of their beds are ones to teach them the ways of the world, and how to live their lives as better people.

So if your brand new toy breaks, or if your Griffmas pie is rotten, or if your bottle of best brandy has mysteriously vanished... maybe it's a sign that Papa Nole has been to visit this Griffmas.
  • Details

    This model is currently in the process of being casted, and as such any order containing this model may take a little longer to be delivered. We will try our best to get it out before Christmas!

    These miniatures, cast in fine resin, are provided unpainted and unassembled. 40mm and 30mm bases included.