"A semi-aquatic species, River Trolls dwell within large rivers, lakes and other such large bodies of water. One of the larger species of Troll, with their bulls often being of colossal size, their hide is covered in a thick slimy layer that deflects blows. Territorial and renown for tipping boats they are avoided by all who spot them. 

River trolls usually live in family groups, a large elder Bull presiding over groups of 5 to 15 females and young. Rather than swim, river trolls tend to wallow in shallow water, their massive bulk making it impractical to swim for extended periods of time. Due to their territorial nature, massive size, and poor eyesight bull River Trolls can be extremely dangerous when provoked, charging blindly at anything that presents even the slightest threat to it's brood.

Because of this, younger males tend to live alone, sheltering under bridges and rocky outcrops until they are old enough and large enough to challenge an established bull for territory and mates. River trolls are omnivorous, devouring fish, foliage, crops and even livestock, and are more than just an annoyance for any settlers who have placed their dwellings near to their resident waterholes."

First Edition: River Troll (1)

  • These miniatures, cast in fine resin, are supplied unpainted and unassembled. 60mm bases are included.

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