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“The individual known as The Explorer is an enigmatic traveller, traversing the
countless realms of ArcWorlde in search of knowledge. Accompanied by a sentient
Enchanted Journal he found (or met?) on his adventures, he has returned to Upper
ArcWorlde after many years across the sea.

Although he is not a man who seeks out conflict, his escapades often put him in danger.
Many Warbands from across all the Factions have stories of how they saved him from a
scrape, or perhaps captured him, though only the Explorer can say for certain if these
tales are true.”


This pack contains:


  • 1 x The Explorer
  • 1 x The Enchanted Journal

The Explorer & The Enchanted Journal

  • These miniatures, cast in either white metal or fine resin, are provided unpainted and unasembled. Plastic bases are included.

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