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First Edition: Undead Leviathan

"Sometimes when an ArcStorm is close and the very air itself bristles with energy, something truly horrific is spat forth from the ocean. The corrupting energies of the Black Coast not only affect the human corpses that litter the sea floor, but also those of more monstrous origins. The huge bloated corpses of once majestic sea beasts have been seen breaking the surface of the boiling ocean, the foul reek of decay permeating the air around them. 

The ever-cursed Undead Pirates of the Black Coast have somehow learnt to control these creatures, using them as living war machines. Although they are most often seen attacking ships in the frigid seas of the North, when ArcEnergy is thick in the air they are put to another use.

Buoyed by the rotting corpse gasses within their distended bellies and by the foul sorcery of the Undead, they are seen to float through the air, as if it were water. These living warships are crewed by Undead Pirate atop a platform built with timber wrenched from shipwrecks and hammered into the very flesh of the beast.

These unholy terrors of the deep are frightening to behold. Crossbow bolts and other projectiles seem not to bother them as they plough their way through unsuspecting ships, devouring all in their path."
  • Details

    This miniature, cast in fine resin, is supplied unpainted and unassembled. 120mm resin base included.