ArcWorlde: Troubles in the North


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Painted by Joe Karame

Hailing from the murky and mysterious depths of the Mildaark Forest, the Bloodoak is a creature which has steadily made its way into the lands of the frozen North.

Starting out life as a parasitic organism, the infant Bloodoak infects a living host and steadily consumes it, leaving but a hollow husk on which it uses to move around and seek out more victims. Although on smaller creatures they are dangerous, the oldest and most powerful Bloodoaks use the carcasses of gigantic ancient monsters to lumber across the landscape, devouring their prey in a mass of tendrils and absorbing their essences. These primeval terrors, thousands of years old, tower above the ground entangled within the remains of long extinct creatures, emanating an evil aura as they drain the souls of animals and warriors alike.

With bark like iron, and the near fossilised bones of their hosts impervious to swords and spears, Bloodoaks are extremely difficult to vanquish. Entire settlements have been destroyed by the crushing weight and toxic spores of a marauding Bloodoak, and those who travel the Mildaark and beyond have learned to fear a red glow emanating from the depths of the forest.

These models are cast in Warploque's fine resin and are provided unpainted and unassembled. Plastic bases are included.