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First Edition: Albionnican Empire Starter Warband

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"The Albionnican Empire is by far the greatest power on ArcWorlde. The human nation of Albionnica has in recent years amassed great swathes of territory from the native peoples of ArcWorlde, to the extent that their influence can be felt on almost every continent. Her armies, comprised of the men of Albionnica and her conquered lands, are some of the best trained and well equipped, to combat the threat from marauding warbands and hideous monsters. The Gryphon Banner of Albionnica can be seen being marched into battle in every corner of the globe."

This Starter Pack contains:

1 x Albionnican Captain
1 x Albionnican Halberdiers (4)
1 x Albionnican Crossbowmen (4)

These models are cast in Warploque's white metal and are provided unpainted and unassembled. Plastic bases are included.