Digital Workshop is a range of 3D Printable miniatures perfect for RPG and tabletop games.

Via our Patreon (, we release new models for you to download and print at home, sculpted in the same unique style as our hand-made miniatures.

How the Digital Workshop Patreon Works
Each month will see the release of a theme, and a selection of miniatures available for subscribers to download. A link to a folder with all of the STL files will be provided, and you will be able to access it until the last day of the month.

If you miss out on a specific month's releases, if you were a subscriber in that time I will message you a new link. If you weren't, the miniatures will be available to purchase on our MyMiniFactory store (

January 2021 - The Dungeon All-Stars (Part 1)

For our ninth month, I bring you the first batch of the Dungeon All-Stars!

Included in this pack:

1 x The Beholder
1 x The Lich
5 x Skeleton Heads
1 x Skeleton Torso
1 x Skeleton Archer Torso
3 x Skeleton Legs
1 x Skeleton Sword Arm
1 x Skeleton Spear Arm
1 x Skeleton Bow Arm
2 x Skeleton Empty Arms
1 x Skeleton Shield Arm

Welcome Pack
In addition to the monthly releases, we also have a Welcome Pack included for free to all subscribers of the relevant levels.

Included in this set are:

4 x Basic Tents
2 x Wooden Fences
1 x Campfire
1 x Spitroast Pig
1 x Multi-Part Goblin
1 x Goblin with Spear
1 x Goblin with Bow
1 x Goblin with Sword and Shield
1 x Goblin Wolf Rider
1 x Dwarf Warrior